There’s You

This quote triggered a lot of thoughts for me. Initially, I thought… “wow, so good, I really need to not worry about things so much…” But then it turned into… “but if I don’t care about me, who will?”

There's you with your work out plans.
There's you chasing your children around and around.
There's you studying the newest practices to succeed in your job.
There's you trying to be a good Christian, mother, father, friend.
There's you reading books of other worlds of current and past.
There's you working hard to provide for your family.
There's you creating new things and dreaming new dreams.
Always remember, there is you.

Worth a thousand words

My prompt for the day was to choose one photo that is worth a THOUSAND words. Every photo could be a thousand words, but I wanted motivating, excellent, and powerful words.

Searching through my photos, I found the “I am Amsterdam” sign. Amsterdam got it right when they created this advertisement.

“I am”… I am anything. I am more than what think I am and I am made for more. You are more than a mom, more than a sister, more than your job, more than you believe you can be. This is one of my biggest motivators – throughout life you will be so many things. You will be someone’s biggest cheerleader, you will be someone’s hero, you will be the best parent, you will be strong enough, you will be an adventurer… a photography, a bartender, a lover, a friend, a newcomer, an expert, a teacher, a guru, a motivator, a hard worker, etc. You can be anything you want to be, just don’t be afraid to define yourself as such.

Too often, people put themselves in a box and stay in that box. Honeypot, I beg of you, don’t stay in that box. 20-year-old you is in there, screaming to get out and accomplish all the thoughts and dreams you have had. Be every part of the “I am” and own it, girl.

The Perfect Writing Place

The white painted window pane is cracked just slightly, allowing a soft breeze to brush my face at the most opportune moment. Just when I am stumped, the cool touch wakes me back up and sparks life into my thoughts. Sunlight pours into the room and splays across my desk and the floor, illuminating my thoughts and all the good things about the day.

I am surrounded by my favorite aged and modern books propped open allowing the dusty and just off the press scent to mix and engulf the room. The warm cup of coffee filling the air with earthy tones taking me back to life on the farm, warming my body from my fingertips to my heart. My lap is full of white fur surrounding the heavy breathing coming from my dog curled up in a tiny ball prepping for the long session of cuddling and creating.

Touching the cool keys of my laptop, I start allowing my brain to wander to worlds familiar and deeply unknown…


Life is all about choices… What will I eat today? Will I have the conversation with that person? What should I do to progress at work? Should I apply for that job? Should I buy that plane ticket? All these choices have the chance to change your life.

One choice in particular for me was choosing to go to Europe. I was in the midst of PT school and longed for an adventure. None of my friends, not even I should have afforded to go, but I was going to make it happen. My choice to go to Europe for 5 weeks led me to a life changing experience. There were some absolutely great moments and some moments that I wish I hadn’t experienced. But, there it was, laid out like a book: the good, the bad, the new experiences, and the beautiful friendships. To reminisce on a few and dangle the beauty of it in front of you… drinking wine by the Trevi fountain, paddle boarding on the Mediterranean, learning to cook paella, swimming and cruising along the Greek Islands, watching an opera with a 7 course meal in Rome, somehow managing to get 4 bottles of wine in my purse, white water rafting through the Swiss Alps, eating French macaroons at the Palace of Versailles… I could go on and on. And I will, someday.

Then a friend that I met on the trip set me up with a friend of hers who ended up housing me while I did a clinical in Colorado, and that turned into another whole adventure. Because of the couple I lived with, I learned to french braid, I got better at pole dancing (it’s a REAL workout, guys), I learned how to crochet, I ate authentic Korean food, and I even learned how to cook authentic Korean food.

I’m sure more and more things will turn up from that one choice. But my point is, make a choice, maybe make the safe choice or the daring choice or maybe the foolish choice, but in the end just choose something and give it 110%. In my words, don’t “half ass” something, you’ve gotta “whole ass” it.

15 Things to Learn in your 20s

I’m 26, and spent the past 25 years of my life working hard to pay for school and studying hard to get my doctorate. I had no clue what a hobby was, I had no clue that free time existed in chunks bigger than 20 minutes. Now that I am done with school – I spend a lot of time trying something new and searching for what I want to learn next!

  1. Ukulele (or piano or guitar or whatever it is you have your heart set on). Maybe this is my creative bone talking, but can you imagine busting out your ukulele on a Hawaiian beach? Or the piano at your next Christmas party?
  2. Another language. Our world is HUGE and speaking only one language limits our experience. I’m currently working on being more fluent in Spanish.
  3. The right amount of light and water for all my indoor plants. Houseplants and outdoor plants are becoming the new thing. I added lemongrass to my collection JUST today…along with a Jade plant. Don’t judge me.
  4. Cappuccino/latte art. This one is just plain cool. Even if you don’t like coffee, think how amazed someone would be if you could make them a feather.
  5. Money management – investing and insurance. What are those words even saying? I bought a house this year and most of the process was me googling words to understand the jargon.
  6. Become a grill master. Or at least be able to cook a burger. Or if you’re vegetarian, how to grill up some mean asparagus. Cooking is an essential to living well and eating well.
  7. Have a staple dish that I NAIL every time. We will all be entertaining at some point, and probably entertaining for someone we want to impress. It is a huge relief to have a meal that you know will impress!
  8. Learn good self control about indulgences. I can’t say this one enough. Your wallet and your mind will thank you. Clothing, drinking, eating, etc. Learning self control in your 20s is a big life lesson, and will set you up for success in your future.
  9. Master the hangover recovery. Some people never get hangovers, likely because they’ve learned the trick to drinking or eating the right concoction the night before. I’m currently raving about “PartySmart” hangover cures (google it)!
  10. How to be a good friend. To some people this comes inherently, but to most, there is a bit of effort. There is nothing better than having a good friend, so you have to be one first.
  11. Find your tribe. Who do you like to be around? What kind of people are your people?
  12. Traveling alone. You may not be a solo adventurer, and that’s okay, but you want to feel confident getting from place to place without the anxiety or fear of being alone.
  13. Reading a map. Someday your phone will be dead.
  14. When to ask for help. Again, someday google will be out of reach. Or you’ll hurt your back trying to maneuver that thing that’s too big.
  15. Last of all, learn love yourself. If you don’t, no one else will. ❤

I Write Because…

Once upon a time… I went to writer’s camp. I dreamed of writing books. I wrote my first short story and won an award. Then, I “grew” up and gave up on my childhood dream and chased something else. I believed that writing would be too hard of a world to make it in, and maybe I was right, but I can’t give in without trying.

I write because…

  1. Childhood me is still holding onto that dream.
  2. I have words, so many words to share.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, I can make it as a writer.
  4. I thirst for a creative outlet, and you all seem like a ready and willing audience.

My goal throughout blogging is first and foremost to create something that I am proud of. My second biggest goal and plan is to contribute to the world with positive vibes and build up a tribe of women, men, children, and dogs that sees the world so beautifully that it’s like we are wearing rose-tinted sunnies 24/7 .

“I think new writers are too worried that it has all been said before. Sure it has, but not by you.”

Asha Dornfest